Out of the Office: Cruisin Santorini

Hello from one of the world’s most fabulous beach destinations: Santorini, Greece! Santorini’s sunsets are infamous for their beauty. I can’t begin to describe the joy of watching the sky change color, from the vantage point of the sea… We rented a Yacht to catch the Oia’s Sunset. We had to remove our shoes and put them in a basket for the duration of the journey — hence the barefoot videos! Our Sunset Oia trip stopped in several locations, starting with Akrotiri or Red Beach, famous for its rust-colored cliffs. We had the opportunity to jump overboard and swim or snorkel for about 20 minutes. We Discovered the hot springs of Santorini, the island’s natural spa. The volcano, Santorini’s most notorious attraction, is behind the islands enchanting appearance and magical aura. Watch out for my Next Santorini Vlog! Enjoy!

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Using this space as a break from entrepreneur life,im no blogger, nor a writer..so please forgive me if sometimes i sound odd… i want to make this more like a personal blog, update you on my day-to-day activities.

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