Western Australia, Perth Part 2

Day 2 for Perth Australia Adventure…

The best way to move around Perth is through Cat Buses,they are called the Blue, Red and Yellow Cat and cover all of Perth up to Kings Park, you can jump on and off almost everywhere as they are free.

You can find all sorts of retail shops as well as restaurants, cafes and pubs at the Murray and Hay Street mall, it is compact and easily walkable. It’s a great place to have a few drinks and people watch 😉

Saint George Terrace Ave is a big delight for photographers and for those who like old building (like me). One of the finest building was the Supreme Court,the highest law court of Western Australia, occupies a neoclassical building, tho the building cannot be visited,it is surrounded by a beautiful garden which is open to public.

The clock of St George was also magnificent, also at the same avenue was the Government House -the home of the governor,a very Victorian building-it  was designed in neo-medieval style and  resembled an old English castles. It is surrounded by a large garden and can only be spotted through some gaps between trees and shrubs.

Also in the same Avenue: the St George’s Cathedral-[which had the westminster abbey cross given by the duke of edinburgh at 1981]  the centre of the Anglicans in Western Australia, The old perth boys school,Saint Andrews and Trinity church.

The Bell Tower was also superb, this wonderful Tower reputed to be the worlds biggest musical instrument is really worth the visit…the bells here were a gift to the people of Western Australia and the City of Perth for Australias bi-Centenary..

The bells original home was the Londons famous St.Martins in The Fields church in Trafalgar Square..

Take the lift to the top of the Bell Tower and enjoy the wonderful views it offers.

Thats all for now…



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