Amazing Thailand

The heavy humidity bites our skin as soon as we alight the aircraft. It’s almost midnight, the bubbling excitement overcomes fatigue, and we make way toward the capital of the country: Bangkok.

Our cab drove us quickly and smoothly to our hotel. We had a very nice hotel located at BKK city center.

We grabbed some bite while the hotel play some nice smooth music

Our heat-induced thirst for beer go unquenched as we learned our first lesson in Thailand: no alcohol can be sold between midnight and 3am. Also, sales between 8am and noon are prohibited. Oh well Great thing the hotel fridge got a couple of Bkk Local beer ,Singha.

Day one of seeing the city answered many of our questions right away.Nobody had excellent English by any means, but they know enough to convince you to give them money. Our first stop was at the Grand Palace…

Persons wearing shorts cannot enter the palace, to show respect for the King’s temple,pants are rented ,but we purchased a new one for us.

The palace has been the official residence of the King of Siam (and later Thailand) since 1782.

Huge statues  and fantastic creatures overlook the golden-thatched roofs and tiled paths.


The next day… Safari World…

Some Dolphin show

and some dolphin show…

Some orangutansSome Crocs

and more monkeys

well the SPY WAR was interesting, tho i really don’t think this is  great to watch if you have kids with you, because of some major explosive scene,crazy stunts and you can  get wet,soaked maybe.

Next Day, a cruise at the legendary Chao Phraya river,the major river in thailand- it runs through the whole Bangkok.

River banks are a jumble of 40-storey hotels, Buddhist temples, European churches, old civic buildings, imperial bridges and the odd distressed-looking shack, home or warehouse. The next it’s a scene of pure picturesque dilapidation: thick swathes of tenacious green, broken up by the occasional hovel, line of stilted shacks or temple complex. Lovely.

Next Day Wat Pho. It is one of the iconic landmark of Bankok, and also known for the temple of the Reclining Buddha.

One of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok, and the sanctuary of the world largest and more than a thousand image of Buddha.

The reclining Buddha is always the most attractive features of Wat Pho.

statue itself is 15 meters high and 43 meters long

Now once your done  taking your photos,you might notice a permanent trickling noise of metal.

Its such a fun and traditional way to share some donations. You will have to  drop a coin in one of each of the bowls representing the 108 auspicious characters of Buddha to bring you good fortune. And ideally if the last coin go right in the last bowl then you are on for extra good luck. well lucky me! wohoo!

On our Last Day, we spent the whole day just hunting for some great Thai foods, food after food after food!

Overall? Will definitely go back to Bangkok, or will try Pattaya next time.

Thats all for now



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