Seoul of Asia : Everland

My last post for “Seoul of Asia” adventure. Walking around the city….taking the train… visiting every shoppes in Myeongdong, sampling all the foods….. watching some korean band singing in front of Migliore.

Oh and wait,yes i almost forgot the most exciting part…our visit at the Everland.

Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park.The park has a nice setting in between forest-covered mountains and contains all the standard theme park features like roller coasters, water rides, themed villages, flower shows and animals,  which makes this Samsung-owned venture deserve its outstanding success.

The steel coaster called Roller-X has a 360 degree feature, it is equally thrilling as the T-Express, but the ride is only a minute long. The good thing is, the queuing time is much shorter as well!

If you are a roller-coaster fan, this place is heaven for you! It is renowned for the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster, the T-Express, which features a 7 degree inclination, near vertical drop. It is no joke, you will definitely freak out when the coaster approached the edge of the drop. Aside from that, i guess the idea that it is a wooden roller coaster adds up to the thrilling experience.

The coasters was fun and thrilling, but what excites us most was the Snow Buster, I feel like a 7 year old kid excited to get messy and crazy at the snow!

Now to get on the top we took the tube lift.



Everland looks and feels a bit like a Disney Land clone. From the fairy tale castles to the bright colors, the place clearly draws its inspiration from the Disney franchise.

The park is divided into a number of themed zones that include Aesop’s Village, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, and Magic Land.

… a mindblowing ride that will scare you half to death.


This heater is heaven…

Like almost all things in Korea, Everland is remarkably cheap. You’re looking at only 38,000 won (approximately $33 US Dollar) for a day pass.

Day 6

We packed all our stuff so we can transfer to our Incheon Hotel (we decided its wise to spend a night at Incheon, near the airport ,coz our flight for the next day is pretty early).But just as before we hit Incheon, we dropped by at the Lotte Mart Seoul Station.

[Photo Not Mine] credit to the owner
I think this is a good place for tourist looking for Korean food products.

Lotte mart is spacious, lots of food samplings and they provide tax refund service for 30,000 won purchase for tourists.

It really is an awesomely huge hypermarket, where you can get anything you want. Ranging from cosmetics to clothes  to household appliances to delicacies, they are all priced very reasonably! We had a great time shopping!

And the best way to end the best trip?… Beer! cheers!

Will definitely go back to South Korea!

Thats all for now. Ciao!


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