Seoul of Asia : Day 2

Day 2 for our Seoul Adventure, we decided it was wise to take a bus tour of the city. We used the “Seoul Stop Over” a hop on and hop off bus service which stops at all the main Tourist spots around Seoul. Great thing the bus has heater and comfortable. Its not easy to take photos from a moving vehicle so for the most part we just sat back and enjoyed the trip.

the lake was all icy

First Stop Korea National Museum

The museum hold permanent collection of ancients artifacts, historical artifacts,works of art,donations and Asians related cultural artifacts. The museum also has exhibition space that features various cultural works and a hall dedicated to exploration activities.

It is a big complex,we used the English audio guide (headset) it was very informative.Learnt  a lot about  Korean history.

This place is huge and takes a long time to go through if you really want to see everything. An afternoon is not enough to see it all. It’s a very interesting place and well worth the visit.

The museum  was set in a very lovely park, so we take a walk around for some picture picture!

Next stop the War Memorial of Korea

It outlines Korean war history from ancient man to modern times.

The first thing you see when you step onto their grounds is all of the amazing, grandiose war statues and fighter planes that are bigger than life.

oh and yes Philippines was also part of the Infantry Battalion

as you walk through the corridors, you can feel the massive sacrifices of men and women from all sides. War is ravaging.There are Large static display of military vehicles and aircraft,- i didnt get a chance to get some shot of the aircrafts.

Next Stop Myeongdong ,we grab some bite

Then Next… N-Tower

Built on a 262 meter peak in Namsan Park, the tower reaches to 480 meters above sea level.Visiting the observation tower allows you to view the entire city and surrounding areas.

some cultural shows in front of the tower

The cable car!

It was chilly  , we could not stand the cold but still manage to catch some shots on this very lovely area of N-Tower,a place where couples make a wish for an everlasting love by hanging a lock together.

Next Stop Cheongwadae or what they call it the Blue House

It is a rare opportunity to see The President’s Office compound and its beautiful garden. Of course, we cannot access the Restricted Area . I just wish we could get closer.

The whole day was a blast,the Seoul Tour Bus was the easiest way to access the city’s major attraction.We ended the day with a couple of Vodka at the hotel.

Thats all for now. Ciao


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