Dubai Trip

While browsing through my old files, i saw this album and decided to post it in here..hayy reminiscin… so here you go…

Had a Super halloween Vacation last 2009 at Arvin’s Place Dubai, I was with JG and Mitz. We were super excited,shempre its our first time in Dubai.

And thats because of the Super Powers ni Anna Banana!  thanks Anna! we missed you na!!

First stop, IBN Batutta Mall, its the Worlds Largest themed shopping mall.


Karaoke time at Vinz pad

After Karaoke, Beer Session at the Chikka Grill,walang tulog tulog from the super long flighttt. Chikka Grill is one of the oldest and biggest Filipino bar icon in Dubai, they serve authentic Filipino cuisines and Filipino Bubblies.

After party?? ayan, I guess i dont need long caption for this, haha

The next morning, jump to Jumeira Beach,a coastal residential area in Dubai mainly comprising low rise private dwellings,aside from that, there are numbers of luxury hotels on its beachfront, and the most prominent is the Burj Al Arab hotel, which sits offshore on a manmade island, and because of its unique architectural design it became one of Dubai’s Iconic Symbol.

Next Stop, The Palm Island

The Palm Island is an artificial archipelago, on which major commercial and residential are being constructed.The outer edge of each Palm’s encircling crescent is a large rock breakwater.

If your still puzzled on how the Palm looks like (Duh!) here you go!

[Photo not mine,credits to the owners]

Next! Atlantis Hotel,this resort is modeled after the Atlantis Paradise Island, almost everything in it is underwater themed.

Next Day,we spent the whole day at the Beach, Thats Me, Precious, Vinz and JG

Okay pack-up! Next Stop!

The Dubai-Desert Safari, it was super fun.

And if your still dont have any idea what desert safari is, it is a form of off-roading using an off-road vehicle of course, to explore the sand dunes,ours was land cruiser. The ride was exhilarating and risky.

[Photo not Mine]

After the thrilling ride, a Camel ride, and Barbecue-Shawarma party at the Camp.

Wait theres more.. Belly Dancin!

At kasali si JG

Hindi Maawat sa Pag-indak! 

Next Day… Cardio

Then straight to Precious Place for some chit-chat!


Tapos Party Ulit

Tapos Swimming Ulit. Tapos Party Ulit …Next Stop Abu Dhabi.


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