Xiamen Shimmering Splendid!

Xiamen last May 8 (to 14) for my Hands on training for Advance Pharmaceutical Machineries. (repost from my tumblr).

Xiamen like the rest of China (except for Hongkong and Macau) doesn’t allow social networking site, survived the whole trip with just my old tumblr account. Xiamen is a major city on a southeast asian coast of the Peoples Republic of China,a sub-provincial city of Fujian province.

We stayed  just near the Gulangyu Island, a car free island off the coast of Xiamen,about 5 minutes ferry ride from my hotel.

A special welcome hopia was also superb!

Here’s a view from my room

My hotel is super close from Zhongshan Road,  a super long road divided into eight sections of shopping area

One section is a long street of Hopia Haven

Hopia after hopia

after hopia

and then the other section is barbecue party

okayyyy! enough of that! hayy food!. Next stop is Rui’an, a city on the eastern coast of China,in the south of Zhejiang province. Its a 3 hour train from Xiamen station.

Here’s my kulit pic while waitin sa super crowded station,

The train was super smooth,stress free

while on train,you can get to enjoy the nice province feel,and oh yeah the chinese government seems like renovating everything,even facelifting old village.

Okay jump to next day, hands on training starts…

Here’s Sharry, my professor for that day haha! Gettin dirty with da machines!

We grabbed huge steak after training, aww my love-hate relationship with fatty foods.

The whole training was fun,Sharry was superb she’s crazy and funny,it was unforgettable.

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Using this space as a break from entrepreneur life,im no blogger, nor a writer..so please forgive me if sometimes i sound odd… i want to make this more like a personal blog, update you on my day-to-day activities.

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