A Trip Down under: Rottnest

Rottnest Island is just a short ferry ride from Cottesloe, me and RG took the 15 mins fremantle train line from Cottesloe to reach the Ferry terminal.

According to Wiki, the Island gets its name from the Dutch words for “Rats Nest” because when the Dutch arrived here they saw the quokkas in which they mistakenly believe that they were oversize rats.


Quokkas are little marsupials they are native to the region and are err hmm okay its super cute, but still look like a rat or a small kangaroo. You can see them just wandering around the island.



Rotto is a car-free zone, which adds to its relaxed feel. The island is refreshingly uncrowded.

Hiring a bike is the best way to get around and find those secluded beaches and secret surf spots on the other side of the island.

But me and RG just chose to walk with our feet ,just grabbed a snack from Rotto’s famous bakery and grocery and head to the beach

We end our stay watching the sunset with some ice cold beer.

Overall, our day in Rottnest was a lot of fun and definitely one of the highlights of my trip  in Australia thus far. We had perfect weather for the trip.


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