The Island

A powdery white sand-beach, cystal-blue water, laughing coconut trees dancing with the wind, it really is, Philippines official summer destination.

I am so in love with this paradise, been here countless of times, always looking up to the same scenery, it’s charm hasn’t diminished.

As the year goes, Boracay become the kind of place that suits to whatever kind of island experience you’re looking for.

I listed some of the “to-do” things you shouldn’t missed if you plan to visit this island.

Parasailing. Feel free as a bird on  this ride. You’ll soar high above the ocean and will enjoy the spectacular views of the Boracay Island.

We were strapped to a parachute and take off the bright Boracay sky. Our feet  gently leaved the boat as we were pulled by the speedboat up high for 8-10 minutes.

Paraw. The best way to explore the island is through the water of course!  And the most environment friendly way to sail is with a Paraw– a motor friendly-native outrigger. The first time I experienced Paraw was with our very own Cosmo Skin Paraw. The boat has a capacity of 10 passengers, great thing were always equipped with beer box, which comes in handy while were cruising. We cruised for almost 4 hours, we visited Puka beach and other hidden islands of Boracay.

Island Hopping. Perhaps the most famous activity,the best way to spend half of your day. The motorized boat or bankas will take you to four island. First stop is the Crocodile island, about 15 minutes away from Boracay Main Island, the crew will provide you snorkeling gear , here you will get to explore the crystal blue water and the marine creatures.

Next is the Crystal Cove. You can climb down two caves both with an opening right up to the ocean.

Next stop, they will take you to the Island B (I don’t know what they call it), B is for buffet! Yes the island tour includes a smorgasbord lunch!

Last stop is they will take you to Puka Beach, – a secluded island made mainly of.. what else? Puka Shells!

Helmet Diving. This adventure will take you in a sandy bottom (15 feet) of turquoise water, you will be assisted by a certified diver (I hope,ehe). It was a superb fun, You will really feel that you are one with the water, beautiful fishes and corals will greet you face to face, big and small fish grabbed the bread in our hands.

Watch the Sunset! It is really  “the Greatest lightshow on earth”.

Boracay will always be my favorite island, but i just hope visitors,locals and the government will value and preserve this wonderful creations.

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