A trip Down Under: Cottesloe Perth,WA

Visited Australia last year, I instantly fell inlove with OZ. The great thing I love about Australia is people’s commitment to fitness. Or maybe the hot weather does it – the scorching hot sun. OR it has something to do with the Australian ‘can-do’ attitude, a conquer all approach to life that makes Aussies a force to be reckoned with.

Fitness devotees are most often witnessed first thing in the morning when they can be seen covered with spandex, running,stretching and panting furiously with their trainers in Cottesloe’s Parks.

But the real thing that truly impresses me is their commitment to working out in furious heat. Whilst me and John are cowering away in the confines of our comfortable air conditioned coffee shop (or beer shop,er), there is a large bunch of Perth-peepz parading their beautiful bods along beach fronts and  cafe strips. Now THAT’S impressive.

First Stop: Cottesloe,Perth WA

Cottesloe is known worldwide not only for the great beach but for the many prestige homes which overlook the Indian Ocean. Located 15 mins from Perth CBD, Cottesloe has everything you could need with a myriad of boutique style shops, art and craft shops and small specialty stores all in a village type atmosphere, yet there is also a large shopping complex call Cottesloe central which offers all the shopping experiences of the city with department stores food court etc.

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