Sydney Tower

Sydney, The Harbour City, is amazingly beautiful, cosmopolitan, and very “balance” city. It is packed with History, Culture, Fashion, Architecture and with great cuisine plus it is so close to two beautiful sandy beach, The Manly and Bondi Beach.

SONY DSCSt. Mary’s Cathedral’s imposing Gothic Structure and Twin Spires makes it a landmark from every direction.

SONY DSCRight infront of the cathedral is the Hyde Park.




To see the whole 360 magnificent view of Sydney we visited the Tower. Its definitely one of the integral feature of the Sydney Skyline.

















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Western Australia, Perth Part 2

Day 2 for Perth Australia Adventure…

The best way to move around Perth is through Cat Buses,they are called the Blue, Red and Yellow Cat and cover all of Perth up to Kings Park, you can jump on and off almost everywhere as they are free.

You can find all sorts of retail shops as well as restaurants, cafes and pubs at the Murray and Hay Street mall, it is compact and easily walkable. It’s a great place to have a few drinks and people watch ;)

Saint George Terrace Ave is a big delight for photographers and for those who like old building (like me). One of the finest building was the Supreme Court,the highest law court of Western Australia, occupies a neoclassical building, tho the building cannot be visited,it is surrounded by a beautiful garden which is open to public.

The clock of St George was also magnificent, also at the same avenue was the Government House -the home of the governor,a very Victorian building-it  was designed in neo-medieval style and  resembled an old English castles. It is surrounded by a large garden and can only be spotted through some gaps between trees and shrubs.

Also in the same Avenue: the St George’s Cathedral-[which had the westminster abbey cross given by the duke of edinburgh at 1981]  the centre of the Anglicans in Western Australia, The old perth boys school,Saint Andrews and Trinity church.

The Bell Tower was also superb, this wonderful Tower reputed to be the worlds biggest musical instrument is really worth the visit…the bells here were a gift to the people of Western Australia and the City of Perth for Australias bi-Centenary..

The bells original home was the Londons famous St.Martins in The Fields church in Trafalgar Square..

Take the lift to the top of the Bell Tower and enjoy the wonderful views it offers.

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Deliciously Beautiful Campaign by Cosmo Skin

Deliciously Beautiful Campaign. BFPC’s 2nd year with Cosmo Skin Ambassador… Melissa Ricks

The Event set up at the SM Makati Event Center

The Watsons Executives. From L-R thats JG, Daisy Yu,Mr Emil Perez, Tracy,Imee and Mary Ann.

With Beauty Department Chief ( Daisy Yu)

Product Displays

With Watsons HO Executives,Mr Sean Hembling and SM Makati Manager

Autograph signing,kiddin! ehehe, last minute change of spiels

With my lovely Aunt

Watsons Executives

The press peepz are all set

Models gettin ready at the backstage

Marc Borromeo our funny host

Welcome note from the Watsons Executives

Some games for the audience ..

And then a Behind the Scene video was shown on the LED… heres the vid..

And then my turn to talk,hahaha, talk talk talk about the importance of beauty ingestivesHeres the whole video for Beauty Ingestives and the Advantages of the Cosmo Skin Soaps

The Soaps

There you its sounded like an advertisement please forgive me..ehe

The ramp shows started.. the duct tape models…wearing only (ofcourse),duct tapes.

Melissa Ricks,the Cosmo Skin Beauty Ambassador joined the models onstage

Some flowers for our gorgeous endorser


Massive press

Photo ops..

With Ash Castro my super cool photographer…

The Cosmo Skin Booth Activation at the SM Makati Beauty Section

Thanks to my hardworking staff

We ended the event with a wine toast and thank you’ssss.

O ayan,thats less talk and more pix lang hehehe.

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Amazing Thailand

The heavy humidity bites our skin as soon as we alight the aircraft. It’s almost midnight, the bubbling excitement overcomes fatigue, and we make way toward the capital of the country: Bangkok.

Our cab drove us quickly and smoothly to our hotel. We had a very nice hotel located at BKK city center.

We grabbed some bite while the hotel play some nice smooth music

Our heat-induced thirst for beer go unquenched as we learned our first lesson in Thailand: no alcohol can be sold between midnight and 3am. Also, sales between 8am and noon are prohibited. Oh well Great thing the hotel fridge got a couple of Bkk Local beer ,Singha.

Day one of seeing the city answered many of our questions right away.Nobody had excellent English by any means, but they know enough to convince you to give them money. Our first stop was at the Grand Palace…

Persons wearing shorts cannot enter the palace, to show respect for the King’s temple,pants are rented ,but we purchased a new one for us.

The palace has been the official residence of the King of Siam (and later Thailand) since 1782.

Huge statues  and fantastic creatures overlook the golden-thatched roofs and tiled paths.


The next day… Safari World…

Some Dolphin show

and some dolphin show…

Some orangutansSome Crocs

and more monkeys

well the SPY WAR was interesting, tho i really don’t think this is  great to watch if you have kids with you, because of some major explosive scene,crazy stunts and you can  get wet,soaked maybe.


Next Day, a cruise at the legendary Chao Phraya river,the major river in thailand- it runs through the whole Bangkok.

River banks are a jumble of 40-storey hotels, Buddhist temples, European churches, old civic buildings, imperial bridges and the odd distressed-looking shack, home or warehouse. The next it’s a scene of pure picturesque dilapidation: thick swathes of tenacious green, broken up by the occasional hovel, line of stilted shacks or temple complex. Lovely.

Next Day Wat Pho. It is one of the iconic landmark of Bankok, and also known for the temple of the Reclining Buddha.

One of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok, and the sanctuary of the world largest and more than a thousand image of Buddha.

The reclining Buddha is always the most attractive features of Wat Pho.

statue itself is 15 meters high and 43 meters long

Now once your done  taking your photos,you might notice a permanent trickling noise of metal.

Its such a fun and traditional way to share some donations. You will have to  drop a coin in one of each of the bowls representing the 108 auspicious characters of Buddha to bring you good fortune. And ideally if the last coin go right in the last bowl then you are on for extra good luck. well lucky me! wohoo!

On our Last Day, we spent the whole day just hunting for some great Thai foods, food after food after food!

Overall? Will definitely go back to Bangkok, or will try Pattaya next time.

Thats all for now



Seoul of Asia : Everland

My last post for “Seoul of Asia” adventure. Walking around the city….taking the train… visiting every shoppes in Myeongdong, sampling all the foods….. watching some korean band singing in front of Migliore.

Oh and wait,yes i almost forgot the most exciting part…our visit at the Everland.

Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park.The park has a nice setting in between forest-covered mountains and contains all the standard theme park features like roller coasters, water rides, themed villages, flower shows and animals,  which makes this Samsung-owned venture deserve its outstanding success.

The steel coaster called Roller-X has a 360 degree feature, it is equally thrilling as the T-Express, but the ride is only a minute long. The good thing is, the queuing time is much shorter as well!

If you are a roller-coaster fan, this place is heaven for you! It is renowned for the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster, the T-Express, which features a 7 degree inclination, near vertical drop. It is no joke, you will definitely freak out when the coaster approached the edge of the drop. Aside from that, i guess the idea that it is a wooden roller coaster adds up to the thrilling experience.

The coasters was fun and thrilling, but what excites us most was the Snow Buster, I feel like a 7 year old kid excited to get messy and crazy at the snow!

Now to get on the top we took the tube lift.



Everland looks and feels a bit like a Disney Land clone. From the fairy tale castles to the bright colors, the place clearly draws its inspiration from the Disney franchise.

The park is divided into a number of themed zones that include Aesop’s Village, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, and Magic Land.

… a mindblowing ride that will scare you half to death.


This heater is heaven…

Like almost all things in Korea, Everland is remarkably cheap. You’re looking at only 38,000 won (approximately $33 US Dollar) for a day pass.

Day 6

We packed all our stuff so we can transfer to our Incheon Hotel (we decided its wise to spend a night at Incheon, near the airport ,coz our flight for the next day is pretty early).But just as before we hit Incheon, we dropped by at the Lotte Mart Seoul Station.

[Photo Not Mine] credit to the owner

I think this is a good place for tourist looking for Korean food products.

Lotte mart is spacious, lots of food samplings and they provide tax refund service for 30,000 won purchase for tourists.

It really is an awesomely huge hypermarket, where you can get anything you want. Ranging from cosmetics to clothes  to household appliances to delicacies, they are all priced very reasonably! We had a great time shopping!

And the best way to end the best trip?… Beer! cheers!

Will definitely go back to South Korea!

Thats all for now. Ciao!


Seoul of Asia : Day 2

Day 2 for our Seoul Adventure, we decided it was wise to take a bus tour of the city. We used the “Seoul Stop Over” a hop on and hop off bus service which stops at all the main Tourist spots around Seoul. Great thing the bus has heater and comfortable. Its not easy to take photos from a moving vehicle so for the most part we just sat back and enjoyed the trip.

the lake was all icy

First Stop Korea National Museum

The museum hold permanent collection of ancients artifacts, historical artifacts,works of art,donations and Asians related cultural artifacts. The museum also has exhibition space that features various cultural works and a hall dedicated to exploration activities.

It is a big complex,we used the English audio guide (headset) it was very informative.Learnt  a lot about  Korean history.

This place is huge and takes a long time to go through if you really want to see everything. An afternoon is not enough to see it all. It’s a very interesting place and well worth the visit.

The museum  was set in a very lovely park, so we take a walk around for some picture picture!

Next stop the War Memorial of Korea

It outlines Korean war history from ancient man to modern times.

The first thing you see when you step onto their grounds is all of the amazing, grandiose war statues and fighter planes that are bigger than life.

oh and yes Philippines was also part of the Infantry Battalion

as you walk through the corridors, you can feel the massive sacrifices of men and women from all sides. War is ravaging.There are Large static display of military vehicles and aircraft,- i didnt get a chance to get some shot of the aircrafts.

Next Stop Myeongdong ,we grab some bite

Then Next… N-Tower

Built on a 262 meter peak in Namsan Park, the tower reaches to 480 meters above sea level.Visiting the observation tower allows you to view the entire city and surrounding areas.

some cultural shows in front of the tower

The cable car!

It was chilly  , we could not stand the cold but still manage to catch some shots on this very lovely area of N-Tower,a place where couples make a wish for an everlasting love by hanging a lock together.

Next Stop Cheongwadae or what they call it the Blue House

It is a rare opportunity to see The President’s Office compound and its beautiful garden. Of course, we cannot access the Restricted Area . I just wish we could get closer.

The whole day was a blast,the Seoul Tour Bus was the easiest way to access the city’s major attraction.We ended the day with a couple of Vodka at the hotel.

Thats all for now. Ciao


Seoul of Asia : MyeongDong (Day1)

Had a very Icy trip to South Korea Last Feb 2012, I dont have any idea that its goin to be crazy cold, thought the Winter was over.

First Stop! Myeongdong!

Myeongdong is one of Seoul Main shopping district it feature mid-to-high priced retail stores and international brand outlets.The place is particularly popular area for young people and tourists as a center for fashion and sight-seeing. Massive shopping centers and department stores are in the district.

Twas extremely extremely cold, my whole body was freezing, i can barely feel my hands and toes, good thing Migliore, the first shop that you will notice when you enter the enormous parade of shops, has a heater. Migliore is an 8 floor shopping center with different levels dedicated to men/women/kids apparel and a buffet restaurant, right outside Migliore is an outdoor stage erected for some shows and events.


The StreetFoods!




check out JG’s leatha! haha

 i would say that if ever you visit Seoul, Myeong dong is a MUST , you can find everything from cheap and bargains to branded clothings.

Thats all for now ciao!


Beauty Within Launching

[Repost from Old Account]

Last August 2011, SM together with Watsons Personal Care Store launched its Beauty Within Store at SM Makati, the concept was to offer consumer the very best Beauty Ingestives in the market, and Cosmo Skin was part of the event.

Thats me, Melissa Ricks,Cosmo Skin endorser, and JG

Cristalle Henares,Iza Calzado and Watsons top executive

The cocoon girls, i guess this one symbolizes the metamorphosis.

Cesca Litton hosted the event

Mr Robert Sun, Watsons Head

Top dermatologist discussin the importance of Beauty Ingestives

The Beauty Within Girls, Maricar Reyes,Iza Calzado and Melissa Ricks

Dianne Castillejo with Watsons Top executive

With Watsons Top Manager Ms Daisy Yu,Melissa Ricks, Me and JG

With Watsons Category Manager Imee Cristobal, Watsons top executive Emil Perez, Melissa Ricks and JG

With Watsons Top Manager, Wacky!

Beauty Ingestive is very important in keeping our skin healthy, because the condition of our skin actually reflects on.. whats goin on inside, so its not just creams or lotions that can help your skin looks beautiful, but what you put into your body. So dont forget to visit your nearest Watsons Beauty Sections!

Thats all for now ciao!


Halloween Party- Abu Dhabi

After the Super Fun Dubai Adventure, We drove straight to Abu Dhabi (it took us 1 and half hour)…

Thats Angela and Anna Banana,our Sexy Host for Abu Dhabi crazyness!

Here we go… Banana’s Pad, trying to get drunk with Orange Juice..joke


Yes,Bin Laden, Still alive

May natulog ng maaga??

BullFrog!!!! arg

Banana non stop, Talk Show ba ito? hahaha

The whole gang!!!

The attempt for the Jump Shot hahaha fail

This was taken in front of the AbuDhabi International Marine Sport Club..– no not in Roxas Blvd haha

Fooddd!!! Al Ibrahim Resto

Ofcourse before going back to Philly– shopping!!!

And whats the best way to end the night and the crazyness??? Got Milk??